Our Mission

Founded on love and respect for people of all cultures, communities, and backgrounds across the globe with a passion to spread light through the beauty and expression of our jewelry.  


Our History 

Our founder, Rion Wickersham, started as a professional piercer in 1991 and began designing and creating jewelry shortly after. Buddha Jewelry is designed by a piercer for piercers, with the highest quality, functionality, versatility and integrity in every design. 


Our Value Proposition

We believe in the magic felt when a piece of jewelry inspires your spirit. We create jewelry to be transformative, to delight the wearer, and to bring joy to the experience of self expression. 
  • High quality solid gold body jewelry
  • Versatility in piercing jewelry + piercing placement options
  • Industry leader in fast, reliable fulfillment. Orders are often filled and shipped within 1 week